Celebrating Disability Pride Month: 5 Ways To Challenge Ableism and Become an Ally

July is Disability Pride Month! Disability pride means celebrating disability as a natural part of human diversity and to embrace disability as an identity that influences how people experience the […]

The Latest at Lifeworks – May 2024

Lifeworks Community, Last month, we hosted our Annual Celebration at The Depot in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful evening filled with energy and excitement. Together, we raised over $438,000 in […]

The Latest at Lifeworks – March 2024

Lifeworks Community, As I shared in my January update, Lifeworks is continuing to educate our communities on disability inclusion trainings. We believe wholeheartedly in this work because we have seen […]

Understanding Ableism in Today’s World

Lifeworks knows that if we want tomorrow to be different, we have to change today. We are always learning so we can continue to advance conversations about inclusion. As an […]