Resource Navigation

What is Resource Navigation?

Resource Navigation is a series of informational meetings designed to explore options and connect you to resources that align with your goals. This personalized approach gives you the tools to take the next step while developing self-advocacy skills. It starts with you – a conversation to understand your aspirations, challenges, and plans for the future. From there, we dig in to identify local resources, and with your feedback build a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Lifeworks offers:

● Thorough exploration of your interests, support needs, and future goals

● Regular communication with you and your support team

● Virtual support and digital tools

● Culturally appropriate service with experience supporting a variety of communication styles, translating materials into many languages, and hiring native speakers

● Expert staff trained in person-centered planning and customized services

● 55+ years of experience navigating disability services

● Nonprofit founded by families focused on advocacy and breaking down barriers for people with disabilities

Am I eligible for this service?

Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Family Counseling and Training and requires that a person has a waiver for either Alternative Care (AC), Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), or Developmental Disabilities (DD). Private pay is also accepted for this service. The cost is $80.00 per hour or $40 for a 30-minute session.

Have questions?

Let us help. Our knowledgeable staff are here for you. All you need to do is give us a call at 612-456-8942 or tell us a little about yourself by using our contact form.

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Here to support your career journey. For 35 years, Lifeworks has worked to remove barriers and increase access to opportunities, leading to a more diverse and inclusive workforce in Minnesota.

Fiscal Support

Through a personalized experience, Lifeworks can help you get started with processing services for: Consumer Support Grant (CSG), Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), PCA Choice, Personal Support and Respite (PSR), and Night Supervision

Resource Navigation

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