Community First Services and Supports (CFSS) Information

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is in the process of developing a new self-directed service named, Community First Services and Supports (CFSS), that will offer participants more control and choice over their care. CFSS will be for people living in the community who need help with day-to-day activities. This service will fall under the Medical Assistance, waiver, and Alternative Care programs.

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Individualized Home Supports & Night Supervision

Individualized Home Supports/Personal Support is a one-to-one service that provides opportunities for people to increase their independence and connect with their community. Night Supervision is a one-to-one service that takes place in a person’s home.

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PCA Choice

PCA Choice is a self-directed program that allows you to hire, train, schedule, and manage personal care assistants.

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Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

CDCS allows participants to take greater control over their day-to-day care and make critical decisions, including hiring support workers and purchasing necessary accommodations.

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Consumer Support Grant (CSG)

CSG is a county-funded cash grant that allows people to purchase goods, services, and staffing through self-direction.

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Fiscal Support Forms

Access forms, documents, and resources for individuals and families enrolled in CDCS, CSG, PCA Choice, and Personal Support.

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annual training

Online Training

Personal Support and Respite services are governed by MN Statutes 245D.09. Under this statute is a requirement that all staff receive training at the time of hire as well as on an annual basis. These training requirements also have specific timelines in which training must be completed.

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