Virtual Music Therapy: Building Transferable Skills

Lifeworks Music Therapy Participant - Woman with Medium Length Brown Hair Smiling

Beth comes from a musical family. Her mom and dad both know how to play the piano. Her dad also used to play the guitar. Like her parents, she enjoys practicing instruments and learning new songs.

For the past three years, Beth’s worked with Lifeworks Music Therapist, Sean Blum. They meet for thirty minutes each week and their sessions include checking in with one another, singing songs, and playing the keyboard.

In addition to developing musical and social skills, Beth is working on increasing speech production and speed along with coordination and self-advocacy. Sean explains, “Music Therapy is a collaborative effort. Many ideas and decisions about what we are working on are made by Beth. It’s the Beth show, and I’m just along for the ride and to provide support.”


Lifeworks Music Therapy Virtual Microphone Board Certified TherapistWhile previously their sessions were in-person, they are now held virtually. Beth appreciates being able to keep some normalcy while continuing to build her skills. She shares,

Music Therapy is fun. I like working with Sean and it has helped me with my vocal cords.

One of her favorite songs is Listen to Your Heart by Swedish pop rock duo, Roxette. She also likes No Doubt and Celine Dion. Beth recently learned how to play and sing My Heart Will Go On from the film, Titanic, on her keyboard. When asked what’s next, Beth eagerly offers, “I used to play the autoharp in high school and would like to take it up again.”

Music Therapy is a proven and cutting-edge method for helping people further develop their sensory, social, emotional, cognitive abilities, and motor skills. Sean notes, “The skills that we work on are transferable and brought into our daily lives.”