Music Therapy: Innovative Techniques for Achieving Person-Centered Results

Neurologic Music Therapist, Laura Steines, holding a guitar

An interview Lifeworks’ Neurologic Music Therapist, Laura Steines.

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is proven and cutting-edge method for helping people further develop their sensory, social, emotional, cognitive abilities, and motor skills.

Why does Lifeworks provide Music Therapy?

As part of Lifeworks holistic approach, Music Therapy is a valuable tool to support the people we serve. Thousands of scientific studies such as The Therapeutic Effects of Singing in Neurological Disorders (Hohmann, Rüber, Schlaug, Wan, 2010) and Rethinking the Role of Music in the Neurodevelopment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Janzen, Thaut, 2018) show that people can benefit from using Music Therapy. This technique allows people to access and connect parts of their brain in a fun and productive way to achieve their desired outcomes.

What does this service look like?

Music Therapy looks different for every person – especially now that we provide this service virtually! Guided by board-certified therapists, some people may write songs to process emotions while others may play instruments to improve concentration or sing to increase lung function. The possibilities are limitless for what Music Therapy can look like on any given day.

Who can access this service?

Lifeworks Music Therapy is available to anyone who wants to further develop their abilities. We are currently accepting new participants. The service begins with completing a complementary assessment provided by one of our therapists. The assessment determines whether the service is a good fit, specific areas to focus on, and how often the sessions take place.

How does Lifeworks measure the success of Music Therapy?

Because Music Therapy is a scientifically-backed approach, we measure each person’s growth using the objectives they’ve identified during our first meeting. Then we track and assess progress after each session as well as complete a formal review quarterly.

What do people like most about Lifeworks’ Music Therapy?

Participants really enjoy how fun and customizable the service is. There are so many different options for developing abilities through music. It also provides an opportunity to learn new skills such as playing an instrument.

How can people pay for this service?

People can pay out of pocket or using a Consumer-Directed Community Supports waiver. Some people also use other grants such as the Consumer Support Grant. The cost is $75.00 per hour or $37.50 per 30 minutes and payments can be made online through Lifeworks’ website.

What’s next for Lifeworks Music Therapy?

We recently launched a Music Therapy YouTube channel and are in the processing of developing more innovative ways to conduct group sessions.

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