Thriving in Life: Daisy’s Self-Directed Support

CDCS - FMS family served - Lifeworks - 3 people sitting on a front porch

The Lee family has four children and their second oldest, Daisy, uses Lifeworks Fiscal Management Services (FMS) for processing Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) – authorized funding that covers staffing, goods, and services for people who want to manage their own support.

Daisy’s investment in her passions has led her to build strong relationships and make lasting memories. She loves listening to music and singing songs. Daisy can often be found hanging out with her dance group at her favorite restaurant, Taco Bell, on Saturdays and at church on Sunday mornings. She also enjoys spending time outdoors – riding horses and going on walks with her family. While COVID-19 has impacted some of the fun, Daisy continues to get out and enjoy her community, practicing social distancing when needed.

Daisy began using adult services in 2013. Her mother, Diann, reflects:

As Daisy approached the adult world, we wanted her to thrive. That means being happy and supported so that you can become who you are supposed to be and contribute to society. And that’s what we’ve been able to do with the support we have received from our county services and Lifeworks.

As Daisy’s guardian, Diann helps with making choices so that her daughter can self-direct support, connect with her community, and pursue opportunities for growth. Through CDCS, Daisy essentially runs her own company and the people who provide assistance are her employees. She manages how funds are used – whether that be to pay for therapies or support staff to assist with daily needs – and creates her own schedule.

For Diann, Lifeworks has allowed her more time to focus on what’s important to Daisy. She explains, “Lifeworks takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. I don’t have to worry about payroll or staying on top of all the financial details and regulations. Everything we need for the service is provided for me. There are systems in place for processing services and the folks at Lifeworks are experts at it. I am so impressed with them.”

CSCS - FMS Family - Mom and Daughter WalkingWhen asked what people who are new to CDCS services should know about selecting a FMS and managing their own support, Dian replied, “Selecting an FMS is a big decision because you’re going to have a partnership with that organization for a long time. I’ve had the same Lifeworks Service Coordinator forever. It’s really comforting that when you have a question, you’re talking with someone who knows you and your family. The people at Lifeworks are committed to the mission and have been so easy to get along with.”