The Latest at Lifeworks – January 2024

Lifeworks Community,

Happy New Year from all of us at Lifeworks!

A new year brings such excitement for all the opportunities that lie ahead. At Lifeworks, we are building upon the amazing work we did together in 2023 and elevating what it means to be partners with people with disabilities.

We have a lot to look forward to this year that we cannot wait to share. Here is a glimpse at what is to come in 2024:

Expanding co-creation with people in rural, Black, Indigenous, and historically underserved communities

In 2023, with support from our amazing community partners, we hosted listening sessions to learn about disability perspectives in rural, Black, Indigenous, and historically underserved communities and what support they need. From these sessions, we gained invaluable insight on how to partner with people with disabilities in a ways that are culturally affirming.

This year, we are building on our learnings by launching a community liaison program, consisting of movers and shakers within a community that can help bridge the gap between Lifeworks and our neighbors.

Continue educating our community on disability inclusion through our Listen. Educate. Navigate.™ model

Our disability inclusion trainings are catalysts for real change and make the world more welcoming to people with disabilities. Lifeworks has seen firsthand how education on disability inclusion can unlock opportunities for people with disabilities.

In 2024, Lifeworks will expand our reach, educating more businesses and organizations on disability inclusion with the goal of making workplaces and communities more accessible to people with disabilities.

There is more in store for Lifeworks and our community this year and we are eager to continue this amazing work alongside people with disabilities! As a member of our community, we appreciate your continued support of Lifeworks.