Kelsey Kostohryz Promoted to Regional Program Director

Lifeworks Services, Inc. announced that Kelsey Kostohryz has been promoted to Regional Program Director for Lifeworks Services, effective November 20, 2022.

Kelsey will be a strategic partner to the Chief Program Officer and oversee all programs and services for Lifeworks’ southern region.

Kelsey came to Lifeworks as a Fiscal Services Manager in 2018 to manage PCA and IHS, Respite, and Homemaker services. Kelsey has been an integral member of the Fiscal Leadership Team, playing a key part in rolling out new services, timekeeping systems, and now EVV for families and participants.

Kelsey started her career in human services as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Direct Support Professional in 2003 before being promoted to residential services management positions at Dungarvin and Covenant Enabling Residences. She has a degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Master of Business Administration specializing in Healthcare Management. Kelsey is currently serves on the Community First Services and Supports Implementation Council for the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Minnesota First Provider Alliance Policy Committee.

Kelsey lives in Cottage Grove and enjoys raising her four boys, dog, and cat with her husband. In addition to her leadership role in human services, Kelsey is a support manager for two of her children who utilize self-directed services and is personally familiar with the issues that matter most to families utilizing services. Kelsey enjoys starting every day with some form of exercise. In the winter, Kelsey likes reading by the fireplace, tending to her many plants, and ice fishing. In the summer, she enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hiking, kayaking, and backpacking in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


About Lifeworks Services, Inc.

Since 1965, Lifeworks Services Inc. has been a champion for inclusion. Lifeworks partners with people with disabilities to drive change by increasing opportunity and access in the community. As an industry leader, Lifeworks continues our commitment to self-determined support, careers with competitive wages, and developing innovative opportunities that enhance everyday lives. Through services that provide choice and foster community – as well as through partnerships with over 400 businesses – Lifeworks serves more than 3,000 Minnesotans with disabilities and their families annually.