Family Deductible Invoice Payments

Dear Lifeworks Family Members or Service Recipients:

In 2012 the Minnesota State Legislator enacted into law the Family Deductible cost sharing requirement for recipients of the state’s Medical Assistance program.

The State of Minnesota establishes the cost sharing amount and automatically deducts the amount from the first provider who submits a Medical Assistance claims for that month. The 2021 monthly amount is $3.50.

Lifeworks is required to invoice the Family Deductible and instead of sending you a monthly bill for the amount of $3.50, we have elected to invoice you annually for the months in which the deductions apply. Your invoice only includes those months in which Lifeworks was the first provider to submit a claim for your services that Lifeworks provided.

Please review and submit payment for the outstanding balance shown on the invoice within 30 days of receipt.

Payment can be made electronically by visiting our website at and select ‘Make a Secure Payment’ or by personal check or money order.

If you have any questions, please contact Lifeworks at our main number, 651-454-2732 and reference the Family Deductible.

Thank you for choosing Lifeworks as your service provider!