Minnesota Department of Human Services Selects New Fingerprinting Vendor

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) recently selected a new vendor to provide statewide fingerprint and photo services for employee background studies. The new vendor is IDEMIA Identity & Security USA LLC (IDEMIA) and they operate their fingerprinting process under the brand name IdentoGO.

Beginning November 3, 2021, DHS will require a full background study including fingerprint processing through IDEMIA/IdentoGO for all new employees. DHS estimates it will take a minimum of 15 days to process background studies, not including the fingerprint processing, which is dependent on the employee’s pre-enrollment and in-person appointment. Please consider these timelines in your future staffing plans.

We are here for you. The new background study process is different from the current process you and/or your employees have experienced. Lifeworks is here to support you through this change and have outlined the key differences below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 651-454-2732

Key Changes to the Fingerprinting Process

• After Lifeworks submits the background study application, employees will receive an email from IDEMIA/IdentoGO with instructions on how to complete an online pre-enrollment process prior to fingerprinting. This new process replaces the authorization form Lifeworks currently completes on behalf of the employee.

• During the pre-enrollment process, employees will need to do the following to move to the next step:

– Select “Digital Fingerprinting” as the initial category, select the state of Minnesota, and select “Digital Fingerprinting” as the type of background study they seek

– Confirm their First and Last Name along with Date of Birth

– Enter their Universal Enrollment Identification (UE ID) from the IDEMIA/IdentoGO email 

– Select the type of documents they will bring to the IDEMIA/IdentoGO fingerprinting and photo location to verify their identity

– Select an IdentoGO fingerprint and photo location and schedule an appointment

Employees will have 14 days from the time they receive the initial IDEMIA/IdentoGO email to complete both the pre-enrollment process and attend their in-person appointment for fingerprinting.

• At the appointment, employees will be required to provide their identity verification documents and sign a form consenting to the use of their fingerprints for a state and federal criminal history record check.

Employees will also be given a payment authorization code from Lifeworks to cover the fingerprinting processing fee. Employees must present this code to avoid the $9.50 cost.

• The scheduled fingerprinting appointment takes about 10 minutes.