Long-Time Fiscal Support Family Provides Insight into Services

Recently, Lifeworks sat down with our long-time Personal Support and Respite participant: the Mercier family.

Cheryl is a strong advocate for her children, Josh and Sara, who are both in their late twenties and have received Fiscal Support Services from Lifeworks for the past fifteen years. Josh loves listening to music and trying different types of food. His younger sister, Sara, enjoys movies and going on dates with her boyfriend of six years.

The Merciers first learned about Lifeworks from a list of providers given to them by the county. After a few phone calls, they determined that Lifeworks was the best fit for their family – especially seeing that they could receive two services that they were eligible for at one place: Personal Support and Respite.

Personal Support provides one-on-one staff to help people increase their independence through activities of daily living and access to community services. As a licensed Personal Support provider, Lifeworks assists with the hiring process and training for staff as well as monitors and coordinates services. To be eligible for this service, an individual must be a recipient of the Developmental Disabilities, Community Access for Disabilities Inclusion, Brain Injury, and/or Community Alternative Care waivers.

Personal Support may not be used to duplicate services received through other Minnesota state plan services. However, it must be used to complement a residential habilitation service, such as Respite, which is also offered by Lifeworks. Respite is a short-term service that can be provided in the absence of the participant’s primary caregiver.

Fiscal Support Services Personal Support and Respite Licensed ProviderBecause of the self-directed support her family receives from Lifeworks, Cheryl has been able to avoid the high staff turnover rate that is more common at traditional agencies. One of Josh’s current respite staff, Tasha, has helped the family for more than a decade. This structure fosters strong relationships between families and caregivers.

As an approved Financial Management Service provider by the state of Minnesota, Lifeworks helps the people we serve and their families navigate changes, meet state-mandated requirements, manage finances, and process payroll. Essentially, Lifeworks Fiscal Support Service takes care of employer-related responsibilities so that people can focus on doing what matters most to them.

For Cheryl, Fiscal Support Services enabled her family to have more meaningful time together: “I have two kids and they’re opposites in so many ways, so we learned what works best for them – that means staffing is really crucial for us. Without Lifeworks, they wouldn’t get to do the individual things that they each like to do. I don’t want to do the financial things. I’m very content to do the love. I want to spend time with them, not on paperwork.”

Lifeworks Fiscal Support Services are available so the people we serve can focus on having fun, exploring their interests, and building relationships. When asked what people who are new to the services should know about Lifeworks, Cheryl replied: “It’s inexpensive – the portion that is taken out of the budget. The cost seems fair for how much they do.”

Wondering if you are eligible for Fiscal Support Services? Our knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions. All you have to do is give us a call at 651-454-2732 or tell us a little bit about yourself through our Fiscal Support Contact Form.