Careers at Lifeworks: Lindsey’s Story

Picture of woman who is smiling and wearing a red shirt.

Lifeworks prides itself in having staff who live up to our values as an organization and work every day to uphold our commitment to develop innovative opportunities that enhance everyday lives. Just as we support those we serve, we also support our staff in their journeys to progress their careers and encourage them to develop and try out new ideas which improve our programs and services.  

We sat down with one of our career placement counselors, Lindsey Schmitt, to learn more about her career journey with Lifeworks. Lindsey has been with the organization for over four years and has found herself in many different roles. Lindsey embodies the mission and values of Lifeworks and is a prime example of what you can achieve as a member of our team.  

Before joining Lifeworks, Lindsey was working as a group home manager. Through a connection to a program manager at Lifeworks, Lindsey decided to interview for a service specialist position in Mankato. Service specialists work with those we serve who choose to use our services in day programs, one to one community services, and virtual services. In her starting position, she worked with a crew of employees at the Centennial Student Union at Mankato State University who were using Employment Services.

Lindsey has found herself working in many roles since joining the organization in 2017. After starting out as a service specialist, she moved into several different roles as a service facilitator for the Community Skill Building program, then as a follow-along service facilitator, and now as a career placement counselor. Lindsey felt that Lifeworks was the right fit for her career as soon as she got started. Lindsey mentioned throughout her time at Lifeworks, she has felt strongly for the mission and the work we do to serve our community. Each step she took along the way, she made her mark by strengthening the quality of support we provide and developing new methods of person-centered services. Lindsey was pivotal in the formation of Lifework’s Community Skill Building program, a service she helped pilot while she was a service facilitator.   

Man talks to woman wearing a red shirt.Lindsey knew that those supported on the university crew were going to be without work during the summer and started to brainstorm ideas with them on what they’d like to do. In talking to her supervisor, Laura Koble, Laura stated that her ideas fit the new service called Community Skill Building. After identifying the need for a person-centered space to further explore interests and develop new skills, Lindsey and her coworker, Jody Decker, worked together to develop a day-to-day schedule that would best serve the individuals under that program. Lindsey and Jody presented information to our Board of Directors, our Executive Leadership Team, and other service facilitators who worked in similar programs throughout the Twin Cities metro area. When talking about the program’s development, she claimed “community skill building was my pride and joy.” 

Throughout Lindsey’s time at Lifeworks, she has always felt that her contributions have been supported and appreciated. “It’s a company that is 100% dedicated to the people we serve. I’ve never been told no. We figure out how to make it work and talk over logistics. My creativity for the people we serve has always been encouraged,” answered Lindsey when asked about why she loves working at Lifeworks. She further reflects on why she enjoys the work she does: “I love seeing the success stories, both for the businesses and for the individuals I’m supporting.” Early this year Lindsey was invited to join the local chapter of Business Networking International (BNI). With a focus on professional networking and referrals, Lindsey hopes to foster relationships with area business leaders in order to connect people served by Lifeworks with careers.

She offers this piece of advice for those who are interested in working at Lifeworks: “If you’re willing to work hard, we’re a great company for it. If you’re creative and if you don’t want to think inside of a box, this is a perfect company.” Lindsey recognizes that there is an equal level of achievement available for both the people we serve and for our staff. “There’s a constant desire for growth. I’m a prime example of it.”  

Lindsey continues to give back to the organization by offering up her expertise in training new staff members. She says, “I also take a lot of pride in the staff training I do. Creating the next level of great staff is going to help the people we support so that’s been something I’ve been extremely passionate about.” In closing our interview with Lindsey, she reinforced her pride for working at Lifeworks: “I’m endlessly passionate about the job we do at Lifeworks and the people that we support.”   

Interested in joining the Lifeworks team? Are you passionate about working for a mission-driven organization which offers competitive pay and extensive benefits? Check out our current openings to learn more.