Figuring Out the Next Step: Cheyenne’s Career Journey

Women standing in her place of employment, a carwash

From catching goldfish in the pond to crocheting booties for the local women’s shelter and reading L.A. Meyer’s novels, Cheyenne has always been one to dive into her passions and try new things.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services, a government program designed to help people with disabilities find meaningful careers, referred Cheyenne to Lifeworks Employment Services where she began exploring interests and developing skills through seasonal work. This approach led Cheyenne to build a resumé that reflected her talents.

Cheyene’s jobs have included being a ski-lift operator, a college apartment prep-painter, and a call-center representative. Her previous employer and one of Mankato’s largest seasonal employers,, was so impressed by Cheyenne’s work that she was welcomed back for three years. They steadily increased her responsibilities to include handling escalated customer issues – a role where she excelled.

Woman working in a carwashShe reflects, “I know how to communicate with people a lot better now. When I worked in customer service at, I assisted people who were frustrated. I know what it is like to be upset so I could relate to them and help find a solution.”

In January 2019, Cheyenne was hired at Snell Auto Wash. She assists with cleaning and detailing as well as stocking materials to keep the business running smoothly. Long-term, consistent employment led her to transition to Extended Employment Services where Lifeworks checks in regularly to support her career journey.

While Cheyenne enjoys working at the auto wash, she has her sights set on the future: “In the next five years, I want to become a vet tech and have one more cat, a horse, and a dog or two.”

Cheyenne’s desire to pursue veterinary school developed from her passion for taking care of animals at a human society: “I like animals. I volunteered at BENCHS [Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society] for a long time. I would go every day from 7:00 a.m. to close because I wanted to hang out with them.”

When asked what her greatest accomplishment is so far, she replied, “Adopting my cat, Evelyn and taking care of her.”

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