Celebrating the Next Step: Alyssa Becomes an Employee at Renewal by Andersen

Alyssa Peterson joined the Renewal by Andersen team as a Lifeworks Associate more than seven years ago. Over time, she has developed skills, refined processes, and built strong friendships with her coworkers.

As an Administrative Assistant in the Human Resources Department, Alyssa ensures that the office runs smoothly. She has been instrumental in onboarding new employees, managing communication boards, and ordering office supplies, just to name a few of her responsibilities – all while being mindful of sensitive, confidential personal and company data.

Chuck Elliott, Alyssa’s job coach, notes: “Alyssa is a great team member; she gets along with everyone. If people have questions they come to her and if Alyssa has questions she goes to them. She directs her own job duties and makes sure that her team gets what they need to done.”

Alyssa’s diligence, flexibility, and growth led Renewal to recently hire her as an employee, making her eligible for benefits, paid time off, pay increases, and profit sharing.

Renewal held a celebration to commemorate the occasion. Alyssa explained what this accomplishment has meant to her: “I was really proud to be hired. Everybody that I know came in and congratulated me. It’s just been a really nice experience.”

Laurie Maul, Executive Administrative Assistant, provides insight into the partnership between Lifeworks and Renewal: “We are a growing manufacturing company because we put people first. Our partnership with Lifeworks is just so seamless. It’s always worked really well. There is no reason why a company would not want to do this.”

Julie, Alyssa’s mother, shared how this experience has impacted her daughter: “Alyssa has grown and matured so much. She is independent, is very responsible and has a superb work ethic. She handles everything that she has to do with her job on her own.”

Lifeworks strives to connect the people we serve with meaningful careers and after being hired on by a company, should they benefit from additional support, we are still available to help.

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