A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Karen wearing a green shirt hugs her son Moses

Karen met Moses on her second trip to Africa in 2004. She was helping local communities in Nigeria and visited an orphanage where she was introduced to him – and felt an immediate connection: “I met a lot of kids, but there was just something about this kid.”

Moses needed significant medical care and after a few trips to visit him, several care packages, and navigating a lot of red tape, Karen transferred him to the United States for treatment – and the rest is history. Karen is now Moses’s mom and legal guardian.

As a social worker familiar with available resources and processes for receiving support, Karen knew that she wanted to hire her own staff that she trusted to assist Karen holds her son Moses includes the American FlagMoses versus going with an agency. In 2011, she selected Lifeworks Financial Management Services to help take care of employer-related responsibilities, including providing staff with required training, monitoring services performed, and overseeing payroll processing.

“It’s been going really well. Once you find the right staff, they become part of your village and it’s been great to have Lifeworks manage payroll and help with getting all the paperwork done. I know that I can always reach out to Lifeworks with questions and they get the answers I need for anything.”

“Lifeworks is a great to work with and has met all of our needs as far as managing the staff that we choose.”

The self-directed support Moses receives has helped him thrive and as a single parent who works fulltime, the PCA Choice and Personal Support and Respite services have offered flexibility, growth, and fun.

Karen explains, “Moses is very involved in the community. He plays baseball, builds his skills through equine-assisted therapy, and does marathons with the My Team Triumph organization. Because of Lifeworks and the staff that come in, he’s progressed to where he is today.”