Waiver Reimagine: State-Led Changes Impact Lifeworks

The Minnesota Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Waiver Reimagine project seeks to simplify the waiver system and give more options to people with disabilities and their families. It was developed in response to a growing need for waivered services and input from the community served.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Waiver Reimagine for Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), Developmental Disabilities (DD), and Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) with changes being rolled out through 2021.

For people served by Lifeworks Fiscal and Day Services, Waiver Reimagine changes will occur at an individual’s reassessment date or annual planning meeting. Outlined below are ways that Waiver Reimagine may impact Lifeworks customers.

Day Services

Under Waiver Reimagine, a person receiving Day Training and Habilitation Services (DT&H) will transition to receive Day Support Services (DSS). According to the published DHS definition, DSS are individualized services that provide opportunities for training and support so that people with disabilities can maintain essential life skills and fully access personally preferred activities in their community. Examples include mobility safety, skill development, decision making, problem solving, self-care, ADL support, and self direction. Lifeworks understanding is while DT&H will phase out by the end of 2021, DSS will continue to provide an option for community and/or center services.

The way Lifeworks approaches individualized Day Services today is already aligned with the definition for DSS. Each person served directs their services, focusing on what they want to learn and explore; staff provide undivided, personalized support while increasing access to the community and fostering life skills.

Fiscal Services

For customers who use Lifeworks as their Personal Support provider, their service under Waiver Reimagine will transition to Individualized Home Supports (IHS). This service will be licensed under 245D with the same rate, annual planning, and training requirements as Personal Support. It will continue to be delivered as a one-to-one service that is available to adults
and children who reside in their own home, family’s home, or in the community.

We’re Here to Help

Lifeworks is here to navigate these DHS changes with you. We will continue to share updates as we learn more. If you have questions about how Waiver Reimagine may impact you, please reach out to your Lifeworks contact or call: 651-365-3773.

Please note: This information was gathered using materials provided by DHS regarding Waiver Reimagine. Additional
updates may occur as the project rolls out statewide. To find out more, visit: mn.gov/dhs/waiver-reimagine and disabilityhubmn.org