Voice Your Support – PCA Rate Increase Bill

Now is the time to voice your support!

Every day, dedicated Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) provide vital supports to help people stay safe and healthy in their homes during this pandemic. Champions of people with disabilities in the State Legislature are working to pass a COVID-19 relief bill that would raise PCA rates by 14%.Voice Your Vote - Minnesota Capitol

Bill S.F. 3694: Personal Care Assistance Services MnCHOICES Lead Agencies Notice Requirement Restoration is up for debate. The Senate Human Services Reform Finance and Policy Committee will discuss this bill on Wednesday, April 22.

We need your help today to make sure every legislator understands the importance of this critical funding. Please contact your representative and bill decision makers noted in the resource list below. Ask them to support an emergency rate increase for PCAs.

Here’s how you can help:

1.  Find your representative’s email address by searching the Minnesota Legislatures Who Represents Me? service.

2.  Open the pre-written message template provided in the resource list below. Copy and paste the text into your email. There is space to share how the PCA workforce shortage and COVID-19 has impacted you.

3.  Email your representative with the subject line: Support COVID-19 Relief Funding for Personal Care Assistants


Thank you for your advocacy!