Voice Your Support – Emergency PCA Funding

Now is the time to voice your support!

Every day, dedicated Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) provide vital supports to help people stay safe and healthy in their homes. Minnesota legislators are at the Capitol today and have an opportunity to vote for House File 11. This bill includes an emergency rate increase for PCAs during COVID-19. Thank you for your advocacy!


Voice Your Vote - Minnesota Capitol

Here’s how you can help:

1.  Find your State Representative and Senator’s email address by searching the Minnesota Legislatures Who Represents Me? service.

2.  Copy and paste the message below into an email. Add a personal story about the importance of the PCA program and how it impacts your life.

3.  Email your representative today with the subject line: Support Emergency PCA Funding



Hello ______________,

Thank you for all that you are doing to lead our state forward through the COVID-19 pandemic. I appreciate your efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of Minnesotans.

As your constituent from ___________ and a family member who receives support from  Lifeworks Services, Inc. – a nonprofit provider of direct services to more than 2,800 people with disabilities – I asking you to safeguard critical access to services for people with disabilities now, during this pandemic, and into the future.

Please support the emergency funding for Minnesota’s Personal Care Assistance (PCA) program that is included in House File 11. Families like mine need you to prioritize the challenges facing Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) and the 40,000 Minnesotans who access this service to stay healthy in their homes.

Add a personalized message here about the services you or your family receive from PCAs and how COVID-19 has impact you. Share the benefit/reason to increase PCA pay.

Without support from PCAs, many people face the costly reality of being removed from their homes and placed in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals – places where they are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 and causing more strain on our health care systems.

We need your help to secure emergency funding for PCAs. Thank you for your partnership on this important issue, and for your advocacy during this challenging time.