Pavillio Timekeeping EVV System Interruption

Lifeworks has learned that the Pavillio Timekeeping EVV System currently is not allowing users to submit or to approve time entries. When trying to submit time, users will receive the following message “The client is not an active user and does not have a valid PIN. Please contact your agency and set up a PIN to submit this record.” Although the error message indicates to contact Lifeworks, it is not necessary at this time.

Pavillio is aware and are working quickly to resolve the issue at hand. While the vendor is working on a resolution, they recommend following the steps below to save your time entries:

  • When clocking out, the employee should complete the Activities, Notes, and Employee Signature
  • Under employee signature box select “Not Available”
  • Select “Save”
  • After selecting “Save” the employee will receive a confirmation stating that the “Timesheet has been updated successfully”
  • Once the timesheet has been updated, the employee can close the screen

Once Lifeworks has confirmed that the issue has been resolved, we will provide an update. At that time, the employee will be able to submit the saved timesheet(s) for approval by the support manager.