E1MN: State-Led Collaboration to Improve Employment Outcomes

At Lifeworks, we know employment is important to the people we serve and that’s why we continue to break down barriers to inclusion and increase access to career opportunities. The State of Minnesota is also focused on these efforts and has developed E1MN – a partnership among the Departments of Education (MDE), Employment and Economic Development (DEED), and Human Services (DHS) that works to provide a more seamless experience for people with disabilities who are seeking employment. It is not a new program nor a change in policy, but rather, an inter-agency effort that works to ensure informed choice and meet competitive integrated employment goals.

What’s New?

After soliciting feedback from stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement in employment services, E1MN built a Work Toolkit available on disabilityhubmn.org featuring resources to support collaboration. Included in the toolkit is an outline of roles and responsibilities of the employment team, frequently asked questions, training guides, and a framework for understanding the process and funding called, Engage, Plan, Find, Keep. This framework complements exploration, development, and support.

New guidelines on the framework are published. While some counties and case managers are directing people to Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) now, beginning September 1 , 2021, there will be a rolling implementation of the new framework, meaning that any service agreement or change in existing authorized support on or after that date will have to specify if it is in the Plan or Find phase of the service.

We’re Here to Help

Lifeworks is here to support you. We offer services through all stages of job your job search, responding to questions and connecting you with resources. We will continue to share updates as we learn more. If you have questions about E1MN, reach out to your Lifeworks contact or call: 651-365-3773.

Please note: This information was gathered using materials provided by Disability Hub MN. Additional updates may occur as E1MN evolves. To learn more, visit: disabilityhubmn.org