Lifeworks Music Therapy: Facilitating Innovative Techniques for Achieving Results

Using proven and cutting-edge techniques, Lifeworks board-certified music therapists can help increase a person’s abilities, health, and wellness while working to help address brain injuries, sensory processing, anxiety, autism, and much more.

Laura Steines, a Neurologic Music Therapist at Lifeworks, explains her approach to helping the individuals we serve, “I like to look at the whole person and focus on what we can work on that will make their lives better.”

Through music individuals are able to access and connect parts of their brain that may have otherwise been overlooked. Laura notes, “It’s really an awesome experience to watch the growth that can happen in music therapy. I have helped people who were at first very shy and struggled with verbalizing. Then, through our work together, they end up singing a solo at a concert and just crush the song – it’s really fun to see.”

Music therapists at Lifeworks stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and conduct sessions in multi-sensory environments, which enable them to work with many forms of sensory processing. Components used in Lifeworks therapy vary based on the individual and can include singing songs, playing instruments, songwriting, and listening to music, among others.

From adaptive choirs and rock bands to in-depth, one-on-one sessions, Lifeworks offers a wide range of music therapy options. Each person’s experience is customized to meet their interests, skills, and goals.

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