Lifeworks Hastings: Connected to the Community – Part 1

Lifeworks Hastings: Connected to the Community is a five-part series highlighting our expanding community services in the Hastings area.

Part 1 of 5 – Hastings City Hall

When Lifeworks Hastings was searching for a community hub for its pilot program for job seekers with disabilities, City Hall was among the first to offer its support in October 2016.

Hastings 2Karen McInnis, a Lifeworks volunteer, spoke with Mayor Paul Hicks about the need for people served by Lifeworks to have a consistent space within the community, and he generously helped Lifeworks secure a location at City Hall.

“We have had an amazing space at City Hall that has been a place for people to learn about time management, decision-making, and increased independence as they discover their career path,” said Lifeworks staff member Jodi Iverson.

Support from Mayor Hicks and City Administrator Melanie Mesko Lee has been pivotal to the success of the program, which helps individuals with disabilities find jobs in the community.

While St. Luke’s Church on Vermillion Street serves as a hub of operations for Lifeworks in Hastings, Lifeworks is always looking for new spaces for programs throughout the city.

“Providing services in the community is a key aspect of our philosophy at Lifeworks,” said Program Manager Patrick Eisele. “Our community is strongest when it embraces diversity and citizens of all abilities.”

Along with seeking meeting space in local businesses or government buildings, Lifeworks is looking for speakers to tell job seekers about their career journey, opportunities for job tours at businesses, informational interviews with employees in diverse industries, and civic engagement opportunities including volunteering.

“We’re proud to serve this community and grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from City Hall,” Eisele said. “Lifeworks recently joined the Chamber of Commerce, and I look forward to partnering with more pillars of the Hastings community.”

If you or your business want to get involved with Lifeworks, please contact Patrick Eisele at or 612-735-7102.