Lifeworks Brooklyn Park Open House Showcases Artist Achievements

On a beautiful late July afternoon, Lifeworks Brooklyn Park opened its doors to community members eager to see all that the site has to offer.

No one left disappointed. From therapy dogs in social enrichment one to karaoke in the gymnasium, a good time was had by all.

But it was the brand new art room that stole the show. Art ranging from masks to unique paintings and glass pieces were on full display and many works were for sale, allowing attendees to contribute to individual artists and take home incredible pieces of art.

“Selling the art is exciting for all artists,” said Site Manager Sara Santi. “It gives purpose and pride to those who have not been able to work otherwise.”

Artist Anne Sawyer-Aitch works with Lifeworks artists on a regular basis. Every week, she talks about a different artist or style of art and determines lesson plans.

An art demonstration by Lifeworks artist Alex Anderson at the open house allowed attendees to see one of their recent lessons come to life, as he performed the drip painting technique popularized by Jackson Pollock.

Attendees at the Lifeworks BrooklynPark Open House

From left to right: Anne Sawyer-Aitch, John Vella, Alex Anderson, Jim Stalberger, and Sara Santi.

The demonstration was all the more impressive because the individual doing it didn’t have much of an interest in art prior to working with Sawyer-Aitch in the art room at Lifeworks Brooklyn Park.

“Alex wasn’t really interested in much,” Santi said. “He didn’t participate in classes. Then he met Anne. He has so much talent. You can actually see how it changes him. He becomes confident, focused, and determined. It’s amazing.”

Lifeworks is especially grateful to the members of the Knights of Columbus who were on hand, Jim Stalberger and John Vella, to witness the art room to which they contributed over $1,000!

The generous contribution from the Knights of Columbus provided the Lifeworks Brooklyn Park art room with new supplies, including canvases, acrylic paints, industrial staplers, paintbrushes, paper, canvas bags, vases and glasses, alcohol paints, and much more.

According to Santi, art is something that everyone at Lifeworks Brooklyn Park has benefited from.

“Everyone can be an artist,” Santi said. “It allows us to explore, learn, and grow our artistic abilities. [It’s] an outlet for expression of feelings and thoughts.”

Thank you to everyone who attended the Lifeworks Brooklyn Park open house! See additional photos from the event on the Lifeworks Flickr page.