Lifeworks Associate Travis Sprenger: Dollar Tree Employee Extraordinaire

Article one of three in our National Disability Employment Awareness Month series

Travis Sprenger is no stranger to hard work. He’s worked in the food industry for Old Country Buffet, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hardee’s, and Culver’s. He’s worked in sales, assembly, housekeeping, cleaning, and janitorial.

Today, Sprenger is a valued employee at Dollar Tree in North Mankato, where the skills he’s honed at his previous jobs have allowed him to excel.

“I kind of do a little bit of everything,” Spregner said when asked about his current position. “Open in the morning, fill all the drink coolers, the balloon center, sweep the floors.”

And those responsibilities are in addition to stocking shelves and serving as a cashier. Sprenger’s versatility is something Dollar Tree desires in all its employees.

“They interact with us really well and give us all the tools we need to succeed,” Sprenger said.

Interior 1Though Sprenger was initially a temporary worker, Dollar Tree promptly hired him. With minimal support from a Lifeworks job coach, he’s become an exemplary employee, recently earning the title of “cashier of the week” after helping more than 450 customers.

“He just needs reassurance and moral support,” said Chris Jensen, Sprenger’s job coach who meets with him a few times a month.

Though Sprenger said he enjoys all aspects of his job, one thing stands out.

“Seeing all the babies and the kids. You could have a horrible day, but all the little kids come in here, they make you smile.”

Sprenger will be celebrating his one-year anniversary with the company in November.

Dollar Tree is one of approximately 300 Lifeworks employer partners in the Twin Cities and greater Mankato area. Are you interested in hiring individuals with disabilities at your workplace? Visit our Employer Partnerships page for more information. You can also make a donation today to support the Lifeworks Employment program.