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Case studies

Meet Denise McCofferty

Unemployed and uncertain about what she wanted for the future, Denise didn’t know where to turn to get her career back on track. After she joined the Lifeworks Small Group Career Development program, everything changed for the better.


The Challenge

Denise McCofferty was at a crossroads. Although she had held several jobs before, she was currently unemployed and unsure where her career was headed.

With the help of Lifeworks, she gained some much-needed clarity.

The Process

After talking about her aspirations with a Lifeworks staff member, McCofferty was identified as a great fit for Small Group Career Development, an intensive program that prepares job seekers for their ideal job in the community.

McCofferty and four fellow job seekers gained exposure to different career paths, identified their strengths and interests, and created a personal employment plan in the St. Paul-based program run by Lifeworks staff member Leah Simmons.

“She encouraged us to find a job that we want, not just that we have to have,” McCofferty said. “I liked office work, so I got to know different things that I liked about office jobs.”

The Outcome

Following her involvement in Small Group Career Development, McCofferty was hired by Uponor, an international provider of systems and solutions for safe drinking water delivery, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling, and reliable infrastructure.

Initially, she was a contract hire as an administrative assistant through Lifeworks, but after less than two months, she was hired directly by Uponor for a position as office services clerk.

“I’m more on my own in this job,” McCofferty said. “I know basically what to do. They trust me to do a good job and I try to give them my best.”

McCofferty’s success and willingness to learn have prompted Uponor to consider adding additional Lifeworks associates to help them meet growing demand.

“Have you heard the word technophobe? That’s what I am,” McCofferty said. “But I’m going to learn. I can learn. I can do it.”


They trust me to do a good job and I try to give them my best.