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Case studies

Meet The McManus Family

When Doug and Nancy McManus were raising an only child with disabilities, their lives were intense, but manageable. But when their son Louis was joined by twin sisters and a younger brother, they knew they needed some extra help.


The Challenge

“You have three kids in diapers at the same time – having your hands full is literally having your hands full,” Doug McManus said.

Adding three small children to the family made it tough for Doug and Nancy to provide Louis with the support he needed each day, but they were unsure where to turn. A light bulb went off after the mother of one of Louis’ classmates asked if they had a PCA.

“We always thought he was so young. It just never came into our minds that he would qualify for such a service,” Nancy McManus said.

The Process

After contacting Lifeworks, Doug and Nancy learned that their family qualified for a self-directed program called PCA Choice.

Enrolling in PCA Choice allowed them to hire personal care assistants to help take care of Louis, giving them more time to nurture their young children.

With the help of their Lifeworks service coordinator, they’ve been successfully utilizing, managing, and scheduling their PCAs for nearly five years.

“Lifeworks has been on our side, fighting for families, and that makes me feel good,” Doug McManus said.

The Outcome

Since the McManus family enrolled in PCA Choice through Lifeworks, they’ve received the extra support they need to create balance in their lives.

They currently employ a staff of three PCAs who help Louis practice his independent living skills, serve as mentors and companions, and much more.

With the guidance of his PCAs, Louis enjoys going on bike rides, playing basketball, taking trips to Nickelodeon Universe and Skyzone Trampoline Park, and spending time at his local library and YMCA.

“If you get with Lifeworks, they help you and guide you through different services available,” Doug McManus said. “That’s very helpful for all families, and especially if you’ve got a new diagnosis.”

Lifeworks has been on our side, fighting for families, and that makes me feel good.