Bloomington Transition FAQ

1. Why is Lifeworks no longer offering center-based services in Bloomington?2. What are my service options moving forward?3. Who can I talk to about this decision and transition?4. Can I change my services before June 30, 2018?5. How will this affect my transportation?6. What is person-centered planning?7. Will this affect my job with Lifeworks?8. Who is managing this change?9. Who will be my new staff?10. Are other Lifeworks locations affected?11. Can I decide to go to one of the other Lifeworks locations?

1. Why is Lifeworks no longer offering center-based services in Bloomington?


Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan and Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule have shifted the focus of providers like Lifeworks to ensure people with disabilities have opportunities to live, work, and receive services in the most integrated, community-based settings possible where they can engage in community life.

In response to these external changes and the upcoming expiration of our facility lease on June 30, 2018, Lifeworks made the strategic decision to increase our community-based service offerings and not renew the lease in 2018.

Through individualized conversations and person-centered planning, we will be able to determine the best service fit for each individual within our varied service menu.

2. What are my service options moving forward?


Lifeworks has several options that could fit your needs, please refer to our service menu for details, and we can discuss them with you when we meet.

3. Who can I talk to about this decision and transition?


Lifeworks Manager Sue Trunk is available to discuss these changes with you. She can be reached at or 651-365-3791.

Learn more about Sue.

4. Can I change my services before June 30, 2018?


Yes! After our initial meeting with you and your team where we’ve identified your preferences and needs, your Lifeworks support team will build your individual transition plan and necessary steps to meet your goals.

It is our hope that everyone has individual transition plans in place by January 31, 2018, so we can actively work toward those goals well before June 30, 2018.

5. How will this affect my transportation?


Lifeworks will coordinate each person’s ride to ensure the best possible transportation within geographic boundaries. We use a variety of transportation options to offer to most choice possible.

6. What is person-centered planning?


Person-centered planning is an individual approach to assessing a person’s life goals and achieving outcomes. Lifeworks is currently using a LifePlan assessment and prioritization tool across five life domains: employment, housing, social wellbeing, physical health, and emotional and behavioral health. By considering a person’s whole life, they can better determine which area to prioritize. The LifePLan is a living document that changes as the person meets goals, experiences changes, or refocuses efforts.

7. Will this affect my job with Lifeworks?


No! If you are employed in the community through Lifeworks, this does not affect your job. This transition is focused on the physical building of Lifeworks Bloomington and the people who go to that building throughout the week.

8. Who is managing this change?


Vice President of Services Mary Lenertz is overseeing the transition process and Manager Sue Trunk is leading the individual, person-centered transition plans.

You can contact Mary at or 651-365-3749.

You can contact Sue at or 651-365-3791

9. Who will be my new staff?


You will continue working with your current staff throughout the transition. Depending on your goals and transition plan, you may have a new Lifeworks staff person.

10. Are other Lifeworks locations affected?


No, at this time only Lifeworks Bloomington is affected.

11. Can I decide to go to one of the other Lifeworks locations?


Depending on your transition plan and goals, one of our other locations may be a good fit for you. There are many factors in making that determination, but we will be with you every step of the way as we work through your individual plan.

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