Celebrating 15 Years of Fiscal Support

Fiscal Support Anniversary

In 2015, along with celebrating a 50-year anniversary as an organization, Lifeworks is also celebrating 15 years of providing Fiscal Support to people with disabilities and their families!

When Lifeworks first started offering these highly individualized services to just a handful of families, it was an exciting learning experience for everyone involved. Over the years, with knowledgeable and experienced staff members leading the way, the number of individuals and families served has exploded into the thousands and the impact has been profound.

“As a fiscal support entity, we’ve been able to support individuals who want to self-direct their services based on their own personal preferences,” said Lifeworks Vice President of Finance Laura Purfeerst. “Since we started offering these services back in 2000, we’ve helped a tremendous number of individuals and their families really take charge of the care they’re receiving.”

In late October, current and former Lifeworks staff members came together to reminisce about the early years and celebrate this milestone with punch and a special 15th anniversary cake.

“Fiscal and in-home services are key to our vision of empowering people with disabilities to lead self-directed lives,” said Lifeworks President and CEO Judy Lysne, who kicked off the party by talking about her early memories of supporting individuals through fiscal and in-home services and how those offerings grew naturally based on the needs of clients.

Today, Lifeworks individuals with disabilities and their families who are enrolled in Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), Consumer Support Grant (CSG), PCA Choice, and Personal Support.

Thank you to the thousands of individuals and families who have partnered with us through our Fiscal Support program over the past 15 years!

See photos from our 15-year celebration on the Lifeworks Flickr page.